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In Friesland, there is a tradition where people hunt Lapwing eggs and the first eggs being ceremonially presented to the mayors of towns and villages where they are found. This cultural heritage has been going on for years.

Recently, it was found out that the local Lapwing population is decreasing significantly. That, if not presented with a solution, will lead to the species’ extinction in the area.

Save the Lapwing Eggs Organization rises to the occasion. We are a group of concerned citizens dedicated to protecting and preserving the Lapwing birds and their eggs. We acknowledge the tradition that has been celebrated for years, yet we also recognize the need to help conserve the fowl’s population.

Traditions that deserve to live on are those cultural heritages that don’t elicit harm, damage, or destruction to any person, place, animal, or thing. The Lapwing eggs hunting is a practice that puts the bird’s population towards its imminent extinction.

At a time where some floras and faunas are only remembered in history, may we prevent having the Lapwing birds become a distant memory. They deserve to live, to thrive, and to enjoy a better place as we share Earth with them.

The organization has been proactive with its cause. We have developed activities and events to raise awareness and encourage locals to participate. We continue to inspire the Frisians to let the Lapwing birds be — keep their nests and habitats undisturbed, let them propagate, and give a chance for the eggs to mature into beautiful, local fowls.

If you want to join us in our mission, please feel free to reach us. You may give us a call directly or use our online Contact Us form.

Let’s save the Lapwing birds now before it’s too late.