At-Home Simple Tips to Help Protect the Birds

Birds are losing habitats every year. This affects their reproduction, migration, and survival patterns. Hence, some of these fowls have a decreasing population and some are even on the brink of extinction.

The good thing is, there is something we can do to help save the birds. You can protect and reduce their deaths and support their re-population in many simple ways at home:

Mark Your Windows

windowsMany birds get injured and died yearly from accidentally hitting the windows. It’s because they can’t see the obstruction and they tend to swiftly fly towards the windows. Thus, they end up with broken wings and injured necks. It may be difficult to give them proper medical care and attention ASAP, especially when these happenings are often overlooked.

To help avoid birds from getting involved in these freaky accidents, the best solution is to mark your windows. You can use decals and frosted glass.

Keep Your Pets Indoors

Pets, mainly cats, are fond of hunting smaller animals. Birds are one of the easy targets, especially if birds like hanging around your place. This could harm the birds and those who are trying to settle down on your trees.

Whether a bird is endangered or not, it is always helpful to keep them protected at all times. They don’t have proper supervision as they roam freely and independently, unlike with your average house pets.

If birds are roaming around your place, keep your pets indoors. This avoids the predatory attacks and harming the fowls.


Avoid Pest Controls

Many birds prey on smaller animals or rodents to sustain themselves. However, some of these rodents might have ingested chemicals for pest control. While the chemical can eliminate the pest, it can also put the birds at risk.

Those pesticides with Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) do not organically decompose quickly. It can be passed on to the food chain. This means that any seeds that come into contact with the chemical or birds that feed off of pests can be in fatal danger.

Instead of using pesticides with DDT, consider using natural pesticides. Do not patronize these products. They can do more harm to many other animals and food sources than just eliminating your pests at home.