Ways to Protect the Birds

There are ways to keep the birds thrive happily in their habitats and take off those species on the endangered list:


Do not patronize birds on sale, especially when they’re illegal.

Any animals for sale, especially the endangered ones, are expensive and popular. They easily attract buyers from the black market because of their rarity. It is for this reason why many illegal sellers are eyeing on selling endangered birds.

If you participate in any of these illegal biddings (by buying the birds as caged pets), you help the market and these traders continue to do their business. You encourage them to find and capture more endangered species and put a tag on them. You give them the incentive to continue to decimate the already fragile population.

One way to avoid causing more harm to these endangered species and putting an end to the black market trade is to starve these poachers of profits. Do not buy or participate in any of their illegal biddings. If their incentive is poached, the birds continue to roam free from captivity.

Additionally, we do not believe in caging any animal. Although it’s a good gesture to take care of a bird as a pet, these fowls are flock-oriented. They thrive in flocks, fly with their flock, and share egg incubation responsibilities. If you really love birds, set them free. They’re best adored from afar.

Throw your trash properly.trash

Birds are surprisingly curious about garbage. They tend to eat whatever has been dumped in the open. They are more attracted to flashy, shiny plastic beads and paper. Hence, once consumed, they may choke, be ill, or worse, die.

Moreover, birds also fight each other for trash. They also develop conflicts. If you throw your trash properly and make sure your bins are properly sealed, you help prevent allowing birds from eating your junks or getting into fights with the other fowls.

Join conservation groups.

Conservation groups like Save the Lapwing Eggs Organization actively participate in conservation attempts to protect endangered species. If you want to make a difference and be actively involved in the cause, join a group. You can become a volunteer or show your support through donations.

Organizations have better coordination tactics. They create more and lasting impacts on any bird conservation efforts.