Ways You Can Do to Help Save the Birds

There are a variety of actions you can take to help conserve birds. You can give them a chance to survive:

Learn the Hunting Laws of Your Place

red beak lapwingHunting used to be a common leisure activity by folks back then. They liked the idea of looking for animals in the forest and shooting them down with their guns. But as the world becomes a more welcoming place for animals, hunting has been banned by many places in the world.

In Friesland, hunting lapwing eggs used to be a tradition. But as the bird’s population is becoming scarce and endangered, a law has been lifted that bans the activity.

Hunting laws work in maintaining the balance between hunting and protecting the animal species. However, not all animals for hunting are protected by the law. So if you are a hunter, you might consider checking the hunting laws of your region. You might hunt something that makes you disobey the law and being tagged as a perpetrator by your local authorities.

More so, avoid hunting animals just for the sake of it. You might be one of the reasons why their population is decreasing or their habitat is destroyed. This might even cause them to migrate.

Create Habitats for Birds

As the human population continues to increase significantly, the need for deforestation and land expansion continues to be in demand. This leads to many animals being forced away from their natural habitats and losing their once-peaceful ecosystem.

bird houseLand expansion is one of the common reasons why birds migrate, die, and/or get endangered. But if we try to make up for their lost ecosystem, you can increase their chances of survival and protect their population.

One way of doing this is to put up structures that act as small habitats within their compounds. These bird feeders and baths attract endangered species. They serve to provide them with shelter, food, and water.

Doing so increases the chances of birds re-populating within the region and preventing them to migrate to other areas where they can be at more risk.

You can also plant more trees. Trees are every bird’s resting place. It is where they build their nests, lay their eggs, and grow their hatchlings. As many trees are cut down every year, more birds have lost their homes. If we try to plant as much as we destroy, we might give these endangered species a fighting chance of survival.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

nestDid you know that global warming can increase pests that can kill birds?

Besides land expansion and hunting reasons, birds are also killed by parasites. These pests can attack the fowls, causing them illnesses and weakening their population.

The rising global temperature makes it an ideal environment for ticks and parasites to survive. They thrive in longer warmer weathers. To combat this, it’s vital you get to learn to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.